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Slipping pictures and texts were yesterday

Phila Butler supports you

As a philatelist you not only make high demands on your collection objects.
You certainly want to present them accordingly. Together with other collectors or in a ranked exhibition for the public viewers.

The software “Phila Butler” equipped with a digital Code signing zertifikate fulfills exactly this purpose.

Forget design problems, slipping texts or pictures.
With just a few mouse clicks, you can create exactly centered placeholders for adhesive pockets or descriptive texts.
But the Phila-Butler can do a lot more. Learn more about the new Album Page Designer.

You can order the free full version. Please request your personal download link.

Phila Butler application menüs

Since Version the application menues are build as Ribbons (Menübänder). The following text will introduce the menues. Just klick on a menue image to see it bigger in a new tab.

Menue Function
Insert tables, pictures, shapes, and many other objects, such as text boxes and icons, at the current position of the cursor.
As in a well-known word processor, you can use this ribbon to format texts, define paragraphs and bulleted lists and other formatting.
The version also includes the “mini toolbar”, which appears
on the mouse pointer after highlighting words or areas .
Use this ribbon to set display options. Show the whole page with a mouse click, hide or show rulers.
Page layout
Define page margins, orientation, and page size. Specify which parts of a page frame should be displayed and the width and color of the frame lines.
Phila Butler –>
Via this ribbon you can switch the trial version to the full version. Your previously entered data will be untouched! Call the extensive help file from here. The help is context-sensitive. This means that if you call the help while executing a menu item, the help will open exactly to the topic you are currently editing. From here you set program settings or exit the application.
Pages and albums
Save the currently displayed page. Create new albums and pages, or print the pages. Please note the details of the Ribbon “Pages and albums” in the help file!
Choose from the many included templates to get started with your page design. Save your own templates (from PRO version on you can export these templates see “PRO menu” below). Import templates from other Phila Butler users if they have released the templates for import.
One of the unique selling points of the Phila Butler is its frame generator. At the same time, several frames and text boxes (even grouped on request!) Can be set up and placed centered on the page. Especially for the representation of complete set of stamps, variations or plate errors, the frame generator makes the work enormously easier.Show/hide guidelines to check the positioning of objects on the page.
Another unique feature is the integrated frame preview. Especially exhibitors will benefit from the “overview on mouse click”. Take a preview how your display frame looks visually. Non-exhibitors can also generate an “album preview” in this way to check the sorting in the album. From here you can also create backups or restore backed up data.
Scan directly into the document. The images (for example, letters or stamps) are automatically measured and, if desired, automatically framed. Read pictures from a digital camera. Please note the reduction factor! Set distances and frame thickness.
Pro Version
The Version has it all! Work with other collectors or exhibitors on a collaborative project by putting the albums and pages into your DropBox account. Use the dropbox settings for collaborators to share the area so they can view and edit the pages in their local DropBox folder. Ideal for worksgroups or study circles.
Insert QR codes in your page to refer to more information about your exhibit. Ideal for “social philately” by e.g. on Wikipedia to link information to the person of the addressee and / or recipient. Interested viewers can scan the code with their smartphone and are immediately directed to the appropriate source of information.
Import files in the so-called “Richtext Format” (RTF), which were created by other programs, for example. As a user of this version, you can export your own templates and make them available to others.


Talking face to face

Meet the developer at trade fairs, auctions or exchange days. Have a look at the calendar of the Phila Butler.

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